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30 years of Cristel

30 years of passion, excellence and sharing.

30 years during which Cristel has nurtured its values to build a brand that is unique in the world and symbolizes a marriage of high-technology and style.

30 years during which Cristel has paid close attention to everyday objects, with a specific focus on users.

Cristel's loyal customers are a particular breed. They all share a taste for perfection. Things that are good should be beautiful, things that are beautiful should be intelligent, and things that are intelligent should be respectful.

30 years ago, Cristel brought cookware into the elegant world of tableware.

Its Cook and Serve concept opened up the way and Cristel has remained one step ahead of the rest, always seeking creativity, purity and simplicity. And always seeking to surprise.

On its thirtieth anniversary, Cristel was awarded the Origine France Garantie label.


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