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While the environment is more than ever before at the center of people's concerns, Cristel is strengthening the values it has defended for over two decades.




- Integrated production based in France. The 4 main CRISTEL collections come with «Guaranteed French Origin» (Origine France Garantie - OFG), certified by VERITAS.
- 100% of the raw material used for the manufacture of CRISTEL products is produced in France, in accordance with European food hygiene standards
- Application in France of non-stick coating on CRISTEL cookware, guaranteed PFOA-free.
- Investment in a new polishing dust filtration system reducing atmospheric emissions.



- 100% of our documents are printed on PEFC paper, particularly ensuring sustainable management of forest resources.
- All our CRISTEL stainless steel products come with a lifetime guarantee against any manufacturing defects.



- Continuous energy balance.
- 100% of electricity consumption is obtained from renewable sources.
- Actively involved in setting up the Franche-Comté «Energy Performance Network».



  - Waste water recycling for approximately 50% lower consumption on the production site.




- Recovery of heat energy from compressors for heating production areas.



- Member of a national waste reduction program.
- 78% of the waste generated by CRISTEL’s business is recycled.


This inventory is not exhaustive and, more importantly, is not over. 

Other projects are under way at Cristel in order to ensure that we produce innovative and high-quality products, manufactured with the greatest respect for the environment, both today and in the future.


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