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Cristel pursues a corporate policy and strategy based on clearly defined and respected values, which makes the company a major reference in the world of cookware and tableware.

Our choices:

  • The best business relationships and service, and sustainable relations with all of our partners.
  • The best materials and components for the manufacture of our products.
  • Ongoing technical and technological innovation and creativity. Expertise that fully supports Cristel traditions, in terms of both style and modernity.
  • The clearest and fairest business practices possible.
  • Financial independence.
  • Integrated French manufacturing of over 90% of products sold under the Cristel brand, with the Origine France Garantie label.
  • An exceptional environment policy, which has always been one step ahead of government regulations.
  • The best possible working conditions and tools for our employees.

A corporate culture that supports quality in everything we do and reflects our desire for excellence in good and beautiful products. 

This is Cristel's definition of luxury.

21/07/2018 21:24:39

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