1880 to 1983 – The vicissitudes of fate

The two World Wars would interrupt the company's striking growth. The1950s, the company had to deal with a formidable opponent: plastic. The 20th century would be one of disillusionment for the Japy family. The family's unity was broken and the company was taken over by the banks. The world had changed too fast.

In the 1970's and 80's, workshops were closed one after the other. In Fesches-le-Châtel, the presses were shut down in 1981. The factory stayed shut for two years. In 1983, a group of former employees re-opened the doors illegally, to try and keep the company going. These workers had firm convictions. For them, the company was viable and they believed in it. Their plan to create a cooperative was accepted by the local authorities. It was nothing short of a victory. Former clients were contacted and the noise of the presses awakened the hopes of the people in this little valley.

Now the company needed a new name to put its past behind it. The workers wanted a name that sounded clear and bright. They thought of Cristal and Chatel (for Fesches-le-Châtel, where the company was born). In the end, they picked Cristel. A perfect name.

However, the courage of the new cooperative was not enough. Working tools were dilapidated, production capacities limited order volumes and the treasury was empty. The cooperative rapidly ran out of momentum.

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