1984-1987 - A decisive time

In 1984, faced with the difficulties of the cooperative, local managers and the Board of Directors hired a management and organization consultant. The consultant in question was a lady named Bernadette Dodane – a freelance professional with a flair for training and rigor. An injection of money was required to modernize production tools and reduce costs. However there was no investor willing to take on such a risk. Another option was to stop manufacturing generic products, focus on innovation and use the exceptional know-how of the technical teams. That was the suggestion of Bernadette Dodane's husband, Paul.

Paul Dodane worked as an engineer at Automobiles Peugeot. He was not directly involved in this complicated affair, but Cristel's problems obviously became a subject of conversation at home. One evening, he came to the Cristel workshops, saw the equipment and talked with the people there. His words found a receptive audience. So what was this innovative approach?

Discussions continued and a relationship of trust was formed over the coming months. For the employees as well as the authorities, the Dodane couple appeared to have the only solid answer. They were told in no uncertain terms: "Only you can do it."

In 1987, they finally did so. They mortgaged their home and asked friends to invest in the capital of the new limited company Cristel, which would be chaired by Bernadette Dodane. This was just a beginning, but the employees of Cristel regained hope.

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