The benefits of green vegetables are no longer to be proven; eating a diet with a high presence of green vegetables is essential for good health. There are green vegetables in different forms: green coloured vegetables (lettuce, broccoli, leeks, spinach, peppers, fennel, cabbage...); green vegetables in the form of pulses such as peas or green vegetables such as oilseeds (avocados for example). For centuries, even during the Cro-Magnon era, green vegetables and plant foods have helped to regulate cholesterol and balance the body thanks to the fibers present in plants. Eating fresh, green vegetables reduces calories, reduces weight gain, improves health and life expectancy, and keeps you fitter every day. Nowadays, we recommend 300 grams of green vegetables per adult per day. So here are some good reasons to eat fresh, green vegetables on your plate.


The first benefit of eating green vegetables is improved satiety. Indeed, all green vegetables are full of fiber. They require more chewing effort. Chewing longer increases the gastric juices and gives the stomach a greater feeling of satiety. Eating them raw also forces you to chew longer because it keeps them harder and firmer. Or eat them steamed; with a stainless steel steamer, it couldn't be simpler. Also, the nutritional recommendations are based on not cooking them in order to keep all the micronutrients present and to preserve their (good) chemical composition. If the feeling of satiety comes faster, then we eat less. The fewer calories you eat, the more effective the weight loss.

Gentle cooking, also called slow cooking or steaming, allows you to keep the vitamins and minerals without bringing your utensil to a very high temperature. Indeed, at 60°C, the vitamins leave gradually and at 100° almost everything is already gone. Steam cooking is therefore ideal to preserve all the flavors, promote satiety and preserve your health by reducing fat and very high temperatures. A gentle cooking good for you and your taste buds.


Green vegetables are rich in vitamins (vitamin C), antioxidants, fiber, minerals and especially low in calories. A good thing for maintaining good health throughout your life. These are the foods that should take up the most space on your plate: preferably fresh, local or organic. Potassium is present in good quantities in vegetables. It is an essential micronutrient; potassium regulates blood pressure and helps the kidneys function properly. It is also advisable to consume green vegetables: the greener it is, the more nutritious it will be.

The consumption of green vegetables helps to prevent certain cancers such as those of the intestine, mouth, larynx, stomach and even the lungs. In addition, green vegetables also help fight obesity and diabetes. They also ward off cardiovascular disease and considerably improve intestinal transit, thanks to their high-fibre composition. In general, you should avoid sugars, excess fats and all processed foods: by following these few rules, your health will only get better.


Adopting a local diet greatly reduces your ecological impact on the planet. It is a real demand from consumers and consuming locally is also more ecological. With local products, they are fresher, healthier and retain all their nutrients. We avoid processed foods, which are less healthy and exported from distant continents. They also help support French producers.

Buying local fruits and vegetables from local producers reduces CO2 emissions, contributes to the reduction of air pollution and favors seasonal vegetables. Green and fresh vegetables are your best allies to keep healthy while protecting the planet and its local resources.

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