Castel'Pro Ultralu (Anodized Aluminum) collection
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Castel'Pro Ultralu (Anodized Aluminum) collection

Design Paul DODANE

Castel'Pro Ultralu Collection - Collection of aluminium cookware created with gastronomic professionals for Chefs and gourmets.

For cool and efficient cooking

Castel'Pro Ultralu (Anodized Aluminum) collection

Collection Castel'Pro - Ultralu

This collection delivers an incredible cooking precision with an incredible fast heat-up and cool down. The 3-ply construction also provides uniform heating, with no hot spot, ensuring homogenous cooked dishes.

  1. Ultra-resistant 3 layers non-stick coating
  2. Reinforced anodizing
  3. Ultralu® aluminium base
  4. Induction stainless steel

Castel'Pro Ultralu (Anodized Aluminum) collection

The ergonomics of the Castel Pro collection have been thought down to the smallest detail, from the pouring rim to interior graduations, giving you an extraordinary cooking experience.


The patented ULTRALU® construction combines strength and longevity of stainless steel with anodized aluminum lightness for a more comfortable use in the kitchen.

Athermic handle and side handles

The Castel Pro' handle, made of athermic solid stainless-steel, will stay cool longer, reducing the risk of burning. Its ergonomic design provides an easy and pleasant grip for more control.


Dishwasher safe
Oven safe until 350°F

Castel'Pro Ultralu (Anodized Aluminum) in video

Castel'Pro Ultralu (Anodized Aluminum) collection - 1
Castel'Pro Ultralu (Anodized Aluminum) collection - 2


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Castel'Pro Ultralu (Anodized Aluminum)
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