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Cookway Ultralu collection
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Cookway Ultralu collection

Design Paul DODANE

Cookway® - for the followers of all ages, of a daily simple cooking.

Light and easy

Cookway Ultralu collection

Removable handle

  1. Ultra-resistant 3 layers non-stick coating
  2. Reinforced anodizing
  3. Ultralu® aluminium base
  4. Induction stainless steel


Aluminium offers outstanding and even heat distribution over the entire surface of the frying pan, saucepan or stock pan. It requires little energy to obtain the desired cooking temperature.

Cookway One and Two handles are made of Bakelite. The removable handles and grips have a red Ladybird marking.

Cookway Ultralu collection

Collection with removable Bakelite handle. Aluminium body with high-resistance Exceliss non-stick coating.

Wide and efficient pouring edge.

Non-stick coated aluminium construction:
• Very good thermal efficiency
• Uniform spread of the heat
• Keeps temperature during table service
• Can be used in the oven up to 480°F
(except grill and except lids with bakelit button max 355°F)


Dishwasher safe


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Cookway Ultralu Removable handle
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Cookway Ultralu Removable handle
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