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Care and use of induction saucepans

Cristel’s induction saucepans are manufactured with strong and high quality materials. But it does not prevent from taking special care when it comes to cooking. Here are some advice to help you keep your cookware longer.

Before first use of an induction saucepan

Before first use, make sure the pan is clean, wash it with a soft washing liquid and hot water. Rinse and dry gently with a soft dish towel.

How to well use an induction saucepan

Preheat your Cristel saucepan. The thermodiffuser base of the induction saucepan distributes the heat perfectly all over the surface, allowing you to cook food everywhere evenly. Do not overheat your saucepan, this may damage the non-sticky cooking surface. Always keep an eye on your pan. You don’t have to always add fat in the induction saucepan. Simply pre-heat it during 2 minutes and pour vegetables or sauce.

What to do when cleaning your induction saucepan

If the induction saucepan is still hot, put it under cool water for a few seconds. Then wash it with a soft, non-metallic or non-abrasive pads or brushes. We advise to recondition it afterwards you use a sometimes by hand washing.

Things to avoid doing with an induction saucepan

Also, never cut or stir food with a knife or other sharp tool in your non-stick pan. Wooden spoon or spatula are highly recommended, along with heat resistant plastic utensils.

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