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Kitchen utensils for every type of food

Kitchen utensils for food preparation

Peeling, cutting or smashing fruits and vegetable can be a hard and long work sometimes. That is why Cristel is manufacturing high quality kitchen utensils, so that your vegetables and meats are ready faster to be cooked or served. Time-proof, they last for years and are as efficient as the first day of use. The elegance of Cristel’s products is renowned in the food domain and match with all kitchen styles.

A wide range is available, from knives to spoons. Find everything you desire in order to prepare tasty meals in our website. Even accessories that are not use every day like garlic press, zester, and melon spoon or potato masher are a must in a restaurant or cooker’s house. Whether you would like to open, measure or grate, Cristel’s kitchen utensils suit all kinds of needs.

Kitchen utensils for food cooking

Cristel offers kitchen utensils to make professional cooking. Spatulas will help you serve or return your meats, fishes and vegetables on a plancha grill or saucepan. In plastic or metal, every one of them has its use. For example, a large spatula is ideal for fish as it can carry long filets.

Expert in all types of cookware, Cristel’s products are manufactured in France and in stainless steel. Kitchenware in contact with water still stays shiny if well taken care. Thus, strainers, skimmers and sieves are preserved from time and multiple uses. Knives and spoons never get rusty.

You are interested in our French quality kitchenware and you wish to have more information, contact Cristel.

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