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Discover our full range of glass and stainless steel lids for all CRISTEL collections. To speed up the boiling of your water, save energy, avoid evaporation of the cooking liquid or to cook your rice for example. With your glass lid, observe the cooking of your food without having to lift the lid. Thanks to the compatible removable handle, you can also avoid touching the lid and thus avoid burning yourself. For more comfort in everyday life, CRISTEL lids are compatible with your oven and dishwasher.

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Ø Diameter
Domed Glass Lid - Cristel USA

Domed Glass Lid

Flat glass Lid - Cristel USA

Flat glass Lid

Strate Removable handle
Lids Holder on Stand - Cristel USA

Lids Holder on Stand

Strate Removable handle
Glass Lid - Cristel USA

Glass Lid

Castel' Pro (5 ply)
Splatter Screen - Cristel USA

Splatter Screen

Stainless Steel Lid - Cristel USA

Stainless Steel Lid

Castel' Pro (5 ply) Fixed
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