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Made in France VS Origine France Garantie



Made in France is neither a label nor an appellation, it is a simple marking of the origin of the product and it is governed by the Customs Code.


  • Products whose last substantial transformation, ie resulting in the creation of a new product, was carried out in France
  • Products of which 45% of added value was realized in France. This is controlled by the Customs Department. Indeed, the origin marking is done on a case-by-case basis for each category of products.


Origine France Garantie is a label, financed by private funds and awarded by Bureau Veritas.


  • The obligation for the product to "take its essential characteristics in France", which means that production or manufacture must be carried out in France
  • The obligation that at least 50% of the unit cost price of the product is acquired in France


To remember …

The label “Origine France Garantie” is therefore more demanding than “Made in France” and has a dual objective: to offer more traceability to consumers and to enhance the brands that have maintained or relocated their production in France.

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