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CRISTEL's Stainless-Steel Induction Frying Pan, an Essential for your Kitchen

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You have decided to upgrade your cookware by investing in a frying pan or a whole set of them, but you do not know which one to choose. Between the various types of coating, the handles and compatibility with gas, induction or vitro-ceramic burners, selecting a product can be overwhelming. With CRISTEL, cook like a real pro year-round by treating yourself to the best French manufacturing has to offer: stainless-steel 18/10 induction frying pans. Discover the 3 advantages of these high-quality, long-lasting utensils that are perfectly suited to any kitchen.



When you use a CRISTEL frying pan, you are using the same one as chefs in France and around the world. This premium, French-made cookware is widely used by professionals for its precise cooking, its hygiene, its versatility and its long life. Resulting from 30 years of innovation and experience, this cookware will allow you to focus on your cooking technique without worrying about the medium for perfectly-preserved flavors. 


While it is a large upfront investment, you can be sure it is worth it because of the long life of the products. It is better to purchase a high-quality induction frying pan rather than a series of pans that will be discarded over the years, which would cost more in the long run with inferior results. CRISTEL’s stainless steel products will also update and give a new look to your kitchen. Sublimate your work space with practical items that are also decorative with a brushed or matte finish.




Another argument in favor of choosing our stainless-steel frying pans is their detachable handle. As the leading French manufacturer of this type of cookware, CRISTEL will save you storage space in your kitchen by allowing you to stack your induction frying pans or saucepans without worrying about their handles.


The induction frying pans with detachable handles also give you the option of putting your dishes in the oven to finish cooking without burning yourself. Simply clip your detachable handle to your frying pan and place it on your oven rack. When the cook cycle is over, clip it back on and save yourself from getting burned.




Made from stainless steel 18/10 (18% nickel and 10% chromium), CRISTEL’s frying pans are hygienic and safe for your health, as there is no risk of leeching carcinogenic residue into your food. Indeed, while most aluminum or Teflon utensils wear down and leech harmful substances into the food, stainless-steel 18/10 is inert and poses no danger to you, your family or your friends. The superposed layers completely spread out the heat through your frying pan for perfectly seared dishes and flavorful sauces. So cook worry-free with the same cookware as professional chefs.

Choosing CRISTEL induction frying pans is choosing excellence, using the same professional cookware as chefs. Give your kitchen and your dishes a new dimension as you create delicious meals. Impress everyone you know with melt-in-the-mouth, perfectly cooked meats and sauces that reveal the full flavor of the ingredients you have lovingly selected. 


Detachable Handle Mutine Frying pan - Exceliss non-stick coating - Cristel USA
Detachable Handle Mutine Frying pan - Exceliss non-stick coating $159.99
Detachable Handle Mutine Stainless Steel Frying pan - Cristel USA
Detachable Handle Mutine Stainless Steel Frying pan $131.99
Detachable Handle Strate Frying pan - Cristel USA
Detachable Handle Strate Frying pan $140.00

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