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What are the advantages of saucepans and frying pans with detachable handles?

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Are you having trouble finding room and organizing your kitchen drawers and cabinets because the handles of your saucepans and frying pans take up so much space? Discover CRISTEL’s life-changing innovation: detachable handles. The system is designed to fit frying pans, saucepans, sauté pans and stockpots, changing the way you experience your kitchen on a daily basis! CRISTEL is the specialist of high-end cookware with detachable handles. Discover the many benefits of adopting this cookware for all of your dishes for years to come.  



It is now simple and easy to make delicious meals for your family and friends using the induction saucepan and frying pan with a detachable handle. CRISTEL has designed a handle system that simply clips on and off. It can be removed with a single press and the heat will only spread throughout the utensil placed on the source of heat. You can then remove your saucepan or frying pan from the heat without any risk of getting burned, or spilling food or boiling water.



Guess why CRISTEL is so popular in the kitchens of Paris? Because we have small kitchens, the removable handle system is just perfect to store a lot more cookware in small space. Guess using cookware with detachable handles can optimize the layout of your cabinets: no more handles sticking out of the drawer or cabinet, preventing you from closing the door or getting in the way of other utensils. And it also saves time when washing dishes. This type of cookware is easy to fit in the dishwasher, which will spare you the unpleasant experience of scrubbing the dirty and oily bottoms and sides of your pans.


This system also has another advantage: a single handle can be used for multiple saucepans or frying pans. CRISTEL’s detachable handle product lines have been designed to minimize the space they take in your cabinets while providing unparalleled comfort while cooking.



Whether you have a preference for gas, induction or a vitro-ceramic or electric cooktops, you will enjoy the versatility of CRISTEL’s cookware sets. There is nothing quite like having good quality cookware that works perfectly with your cooktop to fully enjoy cooking on a daily basis. This is why we have designed all of our saucepans and frying pans with detachable handles to be compatible with all types of heat sources.


Gas, induction, vitro-ceramic, electric and even ovens - our products can go anywhere! While CRISTEL is renowned for its French-made stainless steel 18/10, it also offers aluminum product lines that will meet all your culinary wants and needs.



For over 30 years, CRISTEL has been providing its clients both innovation and performance with its cookware. We believe that you deserve products of the highest quality to prepare all of your dishes as much as professional chefs do. Choosing a CRISTEL saucepan, the induction frying pan, the sauté pan and the stockpot with detachable handles will guarantee that you will enjoy reliable, versatile and durable utensils.


 You will gain all of the advantages of next-generation French cookware: a thermodiffusing base, oven-safe, grill-safe, dishwasher-safe, Excelliss non-stick coating that is exclusive to CRISTEL (for aluminum items), etc. Additionally, each collection is designed to bring elegance and refinement to your kitchen.


Choosing detachable handle cookware is the clear choice. But now which product line, which products? That is up to you! But one thing is for sure: the quality, practicality and design of CRISTEL’s products will make your daily life easier and will impress your family and friends.




Detachable Handle Mutine Frying pan - Exceliss non-stick coating - Cristel USA
Detachable Handle Mutine Frying pan - Exceliss non-stick coating $159.99
Detachable Handle Strate Saucepan with flat glass lid - Cristel USA
Detachable Handle Strate Saucepan with flat glass lid $129.99
Detachable Handle Strate Stockpot with flat glass lid - Cristel USA
Detachable Handle Strate Stockpot with flat glass lid $307.99
Detachable Mutine Deep Stainless Steel Frying Pan - Cristel USA
Detachable Mutine Deep Stainless Steel Frying Pan $179.99

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