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Discover Cristel’s plancha grill

Cristel is a leading manufacturer of high quality cookware and kitchenware. Amongst its prestigious collections, all made in stainless steel, there is a plancha grill, one flagship product of the brand.

The pleasure to cook with a plancha grill

If you have already tried to cook with a plancha grill, you know how delightful the food is after grilling. Very easy to employ, Cristel’s plancha grill is perfect for your meats, fish and vegetables. It can be also used for fruits, toasts or to heat courses. The heat is well diffused on all the surface of the plancha grill : it cooks as well on the edges as on the middle.

Many recipes can be done with a plancha grill, from starters to desserts: escallops of foie gras and pears, duck breast aiguillettes, roasted pineapple… All gourmets would be relished. You can find recipe ideas on Cristel’s website.

Cristel’s plancha grill features

Used in professional kitchens, the plancha grill is compatible with all heat sources, from induction to gaz. Its rod grips allow an ideal transport between stove and rest tables. You have to be careful thought, they might be very hot. It is advised to grab it with caution gloves or dish towels. It has a base diameter of 30 centimeters, so that you can cook different types of food on it.

Very elegant, the plancha grill fits with all kitchenware collections. In the same collection you can find multiple use baskets, Medina couscous steamer or jam funnel. The stainless steel material is time proof and knife proof; use after use it does not get damaged. The Origin France Garantie label is a mark of high quality and well-manufactured cookware. With its 30 years’ experience, Cristel proves its expertise in professional cooking with this plancha grill.

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You are interested in our French quality kitchenware and you wish to have more information, contact Cristel.

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