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Cristel’s removable handles: multiple choices, multiple combinations

The advantages of removable handles by Cristel

Cristel is the high-quality and luxury manufacturer of kitchenware, included removable handle. Its international awareness and its use by the most rewarded chefs has made its reputation. This type of utensil is the most practical and performant system of handle in the market. Universal and easy to use, they can match all cookware from Cristel collections and can be washed in the dishwasher.

Cristel removable handles are economical and space-saving because you do not need to possess a whole collection. A few is enough because you need to use just one at the same time. They have one main advantage: avoiding burnings when taking a hot saucepan or fry pan. Cristel designs the removable handles in a way that it is more confortable to carry a heavy cooked meal. The new Ladybird collection benefits from a locking patent.

Focus on the removable handles collections

Each collection of Cristel cookware has its own removable handles. Colorful and fashionable for the Mutine ones, good handling and strong for the Ladybird one and elegant for the Castellline and Strate ones. Each handle can adapt to every pan, without damaging materials. You can find the perfect accessory for your kitchen, no matter the collection.

Because sometimes you need more than one handle, Cristel also manufactures grips to carry hot heavy cooked food. As the removable handles, they are available in all collections and their design follows the same style. To know more about our removable handles and grips, contact Cristel.

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You are interested in our French quality kitchenware and you wish to have more information, contact Cristel.

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