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Everything about Cristel’s saucepan lids

Different uses of a lid

In order to keep the food warm or heat it faster, it is necessary to put a lid on a saucepan lid. Indeed, water will boil quicker and create steam inside. Spread around the space, the steam will heat evenly your meat, vegetable, sauce or any course that contains water will be warm in a few minutes or seconds.

Of course, a lid can retain the foam or spatters in case of the content or liquid boiled is very hot. It prevents from losing sauce and stain clothes or kitchen.

Also, a lid can be used to keep sauces gravy, and avoid drying it. With a small hole on the top, the steam can pass through and make crunchy food staying crunchy. An alternative is to open sometimes the lid to let the steam escape.

Cristel’s various types of lids

Cristel and its kitchenware made in France offer a various range of saucepan, fried pan or cooking pot lids, available in different sizes. All our lids are high-quality products and fit in all kitchens, from restaurants to households. 2 types of material are available: glass and stainless steel, as well as 2 models: flat or rounded. All our lids are dishwasher-suitable.

The flat glass model is the easiest to store as it takes less space. Part of the Casteline collection, its handle can be removed and used for other kitchenware of this collection. It is available with a folding handle at the center too.

The Platine rounded lid is well-adapted to large cooking pots. However be careful of burning when touching the handle. You can lift the lid with all kind of Cristel’s handles. A glass lid is useful to keep an eye on the cooking.

You are interested in our French quality kitchenware and you wish to have more information, contact Cristel.

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