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The different characteristics of a stainless stock pot

Definition of a stainless stock pot

A stainless stock pot is an always immaculate pot where can be cooked meat and vegetable broths. According to Chef August Escoffier, they are « the keynote of culinary structure ». They are originally used to make complex recipes like in French cuisine: the meat or fish is boiled with aromatics, condiments and other sides to make a fabulous side sauce. Designed to simmer a big dish for several hours, stainless stock pot transfers all ingredients to water in order to create an emulsion of flavors and a new ingredient : the stock.


A wide variety of recipes can be cooked in a stainless stock pot : Bourguignon beef, bouillabaisse, coq au vin… This sort of cookware is also versatile for a lot of purposes: soups, stews, boiled food and steam shellfish can be prepared inside.


For your broths, choose stainless stock pots Cristel

As a famous stainless stock pot manufacturer, Cristel wishes to offer the best quality to its customers. Equipping your kitchen with Cristel is a guaranty of changing good recipes into best dishes. All produced in France, the products benefit from a French quality and know-how. They are time and stain proof in every collection and their bottom are made of the most efficient metal layers to stimulate conductivity.

Mutine, Casteline and Strate, Cristel’s flagship collections, have all a stock pot amongst their products. There are also various types of stainless stock pot : oval, with fixed or removable handles and with multiple sizes.

- Stainless stock pot fixed Casteline
- Stainless stock pot removable Strate
- Stainless cooking pots

You are interested in our French quality kitchenware and you wish to have more information, contact Cristel.

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