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A tarte tatin mould for the best upside-down pie

The invention of the tarte tatin mould

The tarte tatin has not been first created by random. The story wants that Stéphanie Tatin, which was a hotel tender next to Orléans, forgot her apples in the hot oven and covered it with a pastry to avoid throwing the apples away after heating. Then she turned the mould upside down and served it to her guests. Those where so delighted by this new pie and told the world how fine was this dessert. This is how the hostel and the tarte tatin got famous, and by extension, why the tarte tatin mould was invented.

Far from this legend, now the recipe and bakeware have changed; there is a special tarte tatin mould to make this fabulous pie. As French are resourceful when it comes to cooking manners, Cristel has designed the most efficient and practical tarte tatin mould to succeed in baking apples and their pastries.

Different methods to try with your tarte tatin mould

Every chef has his little secret baking this « upside-down » pie. The first consists in putting butter and sugar in a tarte tatin mould, topped with apples cute in quarters and followed by the pastry. The result is very juicy but the fruits are not caramelized enough. We recommend to first cook them in a fried pan with butter and sugar before. Another technic is to make caramel with hot water and sugar, and pouring it on the apples before adding the pastry.

There are various uses of a tarte tatin mould : the pie can be made of pears, plums, apricots, etc. and can serve for other types of course. Looking for a new recipe to try with your mould ? Take a glance at our dessert ones! Cristel manufactures high quality cookware but also gives advice to all amateur and professional chefs.

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