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Buyers’ guide: which stainless-steel saute pan to choose ?

Buyers’ guide: which stainless-steel saute pan to choose ?


Are you looking for a saute pan, but don't really know which model to go for? Indeed, choosing a saute pan can quickly become complicated as there are so many different models. Among all the saute pans available on the market, have you decided to go for the stainless-steel saute pan? It is an excellent choice. Stainless-steel is a hygienic material that does not contain any particles dangerous to food. It is used in particular for surgical tools. CRISTEL products are 97% recycled and 100% recyclable. They are also composed of 18% chrome and 10% nickel. If you would like to know how to choose a stainless-steel saute pan, here is our complete and detailed shopping guide.

Why choose a stainless-steel saute pan?

Wondering why you should choose a stainless-steel saute pan? There are many reasons why you may choose a stainless-steel saute pan rather than a saute pan made from another material. First of all, the main advantage of stainless-steel is that it is a durable material. This means that if you buy a good quality saute pan and take good care of it, it will last you for many years. Imagine the savings you can make by keeping your saute pan for many years.

Moreover, stainless-steel is a much more environmentally friendly material than other materials. It is able to withstand high heat without deteriorating. Even if you often cook with your stainless-steel saute pan, it will not deteriorate over time. In terms of quality, stainless-steel saute pans are excellent. Where some materials wear and get damaged over time, the stainless-steel saute pan will not get damaged at all.

With or without detachable handles?

Is it necessary to choose a saute pan with detachable handles? This is a very important question. Choosing a saute pan with detachable handles makes it much easier to manage your space, both when cleaning in the dishwasher and when storing in your closets, because no handle protrudes.

Furthermore, if you often cook in the oven, we advise you to opt for a model with detachable handles that you can remove when you put it in the oven so as not to get burnt.

In addition, detachable handles allow your saute pan to be used as a baking dish but also as an elegant serving dish on the table. One utensil, several different uses.

With which fire is it compatible?

Before buying your saute pan, make sure to check its compatibility with your kitchen equipment. Some models may not be compatible with all heat sources, especially for induction tables that require saute pans with a magnetic bottom to heat.

CRISTEL stainless-steel frying saute pans are compatible with all types of fires, including induction. No matter what your current or future equipment is in case you move houses, your saute pans battery will be compatible - which makes it a long-term investment.

For what use?

The choice of your saute pan will also depend on the use you wish to make of it. You can use a cooking saute pan to make a sauté dish: it is a cooking method over high heat that is suitable for preparing meat, vegetables, mushrooms or potatoes cut into small pieces.

Saute pans are the ideal compromise between the classic frying pan and the pot. With their high rims and large volume under the lid, you can also slow-cook, steam or just keep your food warm.

How much does it cost?

Among all the selection criteria for choosing a stainless-steel saute pan, there is the price. For a kitchen utensil to last over time, it is necessary to choose a quality model. You will find many entry-level stainless-steel saute pans on the market at very interesting prices, but with the risk of having to renew your equipment often.

CRISTEL stainless-steel saute pans have several layers of material, which makes them much more resistant, robust, and efficient. By choosing these products with the "Origine France Garantie" label, that are guaranteed against all manufacturing defects, you will be sure to use a top-of-the-range saute pan for many years.

How durable is it?

If you want to be sure not to make a mistake and to keep your saute pan for several years, we advise you to opt for a stainless-steel CRISTEL saute pan. CRISTEL stainless-steel saute pans are made in France from excellent materials, are guaranteed for life against any manufacturing defect.

Even in case of wear-and-tear over time or mishandling, you have the possibility, for a low cost, to give a second life to your used non-stick utensils via our on-site module (retreading). Within a maximum of 4 weeks from the date of receipt, CRISTEL will recoat the non-stick coating of your saute pan so that it will be like brand new and thus extend its lifespan by several years.

What size shall I choose?

In order to choose a stainless-steel saute pan, several selection criteria must be taken into account, including capacity and size. In order to do this, you need to define the number of people in your family for whom you will be cooking. The more people in your family, the larger the capacity and size.

CRISTEL stainless-steel saute pans are available in several sizes: 18cm, 20cm, 22cm, 24cm, 26cm, 28cm, 30cm and 32cm depending on the collection. A stainless-steel saute pan is a kitchen utensil that will last you a long time, therefore, prefer a fairly large model, because if you opt for a small saute pan and your family grows over time, you will have no other choice but to buy another one.

What kind of maintenance does it require?

When choosing your stainless-steel frying saute pan, you should think about its future maintenance. Therefore, prefer a model that is easy to maintain. Stainless-steel requires very little maintenance, which makes it easy. Since your saute pan will be in constant contact with food, just clean it regularly.

Also, choose a model with an anti-adhesive coating to be able to clean your stainless-steel saute pan even more easily. This type of coating prevents delicate food from sticking to the bottom of the saute pan.


Thanks to our shopping guide, you know exactly how to choose your stainless-steel saute pan now. As you can see, the selection criteria we have presented here are particularly important. By following this shopping guide, you can easily find the stainless-steel frying saute pan that you need and that perfectly suits your cooking habits and your family composition. So, all you need now is go to the store and find the stainless-steel saute pan of your dreams! With all the tips in this guide, you'll have no trouble finding the stainless-steel saute pan you need.

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