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How can i cook healthy meals in stainless steel pan?

How can i cook healthy meals in stainless steel pan?


Cooking is one of the great joys of life but sometimes we can feel a little uninspired or as though we are stuck in a routine. Of course we would like to keep things interesting, tasty and healthy. All of this is well and truly possible if you arm yourself with the right cookware and the rest shall follow. Stainless steel cookware is ideal for cooking meats, vegetables, sauces and soups, not to mention the curries, stir fries and risottos that will bring a taste of the world to your kitchen.



Often, we are led to believe that some sort of fat (generally oil or butter) is necessary in cooking to avoid ingredients sticking to the pot or pan. Although this may have been true back in the day, the development of top quality stainless steel cookware means this is no longer true. As there is no fatty ingredient required when cooking with stainless steel, your cooking is all the healthier!


Oils and butter can sometimes interfere with the taste of the ingredients you want to cook, but this way, you’ll have only the true flavors of what your taste buds want! And never fear, cleaning is simple too as food won’t stick to the quality stainless-steel surface.



What exactly is stainless steel? We know it is very popular in kitchens worldwide and can be found in cutlery, appliances and cookware, but here is how it works. Stainless steel is a unique high-quality alloy containing chromium (for resistance to rust and tarnishing) and nickel (for taste neutrality). The label 18/10 can be explained by metal’s composition – it is made up of 18% chrome for long lasting products, and 10% nickel which considerably improves the material's taste neutrality.


Stainless steel is not only one of the most versatile, durable and reliable metals on the market, it is also well-known for being a very safe and “healthy” cookware option as it is not reactive with foods. Aluminum, copper and Teflon cookware has been proven to be harmful to our health, so steer clear!



Do you enjoy getting creative in the kitchen? Are you partial to adding a little oriental flair to your meals? Or perhaps you are simply curious about how to make something new, fresh and simple? Wok-cooking has been popularized over the past few decades in the west thanks to the variety, simplicity and deliciousness of what you can whip up in a wok!


Not to mention how Asian cooking is generally full of vegetables and very healthy. Woks originated in China and can be used for a range of different cooking techniques including stir frying, steaming, pan frying, poaching, braising and smoking. Little to no fat is required with wok cooking, and generally your ingredients are cooked quickly as a relatively high heat, meaning much of the nutrients and flavor are kept intact for your dish. Wok cooking is great for the novice chef and the kitchen whizz alike, and we can guarantee you’ll never get bored of it!



Steaming is a method of cooking healthy, nutritious food that has certainly stood the test of time. Steaming is possibly the healthiest way to cook as it requires only water and heat, and does not sacrifice any nutritional value or taste quality from your ingredients. Steaming is also very simple with the right equipment, which is, funnily enough, a steamer!


Steaming is perfect for all sorts of vegetables, and what’s more, poultry and seafood also work well in the steamer. You can even add stock and herbs to the water you use for steaming to add some extra flavors to your dishes. Once you’ve got the hang of steaming (which shouldn’t take long at all), you’ll wonder how you ever managed without your steamer.


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