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The Top 5 Benefits of Healthy, Organic Cooking

The Top 5 Benefits of Healthy, Organic Cooking


Healthy and organic cooking is not just a fad or trend anymore. We now know the value of eating good food on a daily basis. Maintaining our health, respecting our body, being mindful of our well-being… We all want the very best for ourselves, including in the kitchen. Healthy and organic cooking will naturally find a place in your food preparation as it adds to the pleasures of life and sharing delicious meals with your loved ones.



Cooking any vegetable, fruit, meat or fish requires a gentle touch. This is essential to preserve all of the nutritional qualities of each food. Once placed in the frying pan, the sauté pan, the saucepan or the stockpot, ingredients can quickly lose nutrients and vitamins. Healthy and organic cooking methods have the advantage of preserving them.


Using cookware with a thermodiffusing base makes it possible to cook without added water by using the heat and sweating the food. There is nothing quite like this method to enjoy all of the benefits of the mineral salts, nutrients and vitamins in your food. And your vegetables will retain their vibrant colors!




Not only does healthy, organic cooking preserve the nutritional value of each food, but it also preserves its taste. How would you feel if you spent hours in the kitchen making an organic mixed vegetable dish and it did not taste as delicious as you hoped? What if the crunchy vegetables in your favorite Asian wok dish were flavorless?

Cooking your organic ingredients healthfully clearly requires using appropriate cookware to achieve the results you expect. With stainless steel cookware, you can be sure that every one of your dishes will be a success. The steamer is ideal to perfectly cook the baby carrots, peas and potatoes for your vegetable dish. And a stainless steel or aluminum wok with full heat diffusion will cook your vegetables perfectly. 



Just like sugar, fat is now recognized as one of the main foods to be removed from your diet. Limiting your fat intake is a great way to preserve your health, remain energetic and live a long life. It may seem complicated to cook this way on a daily basis because it involves changing cooking habits, but it is actually easier than it seems.

France is a country with a diverse supply of fruits and vegetables available year-round. We are also fortunate to find our tables filled with meat and fish from local producers and fishers both in restaurants and at home. What could be better than to cook them in a way that preserves their full value?

For instance, grilling meat with the stainless steel cooking griddle will allow you to indulge in your favorite foods without too much fat intake. The stainless steel frying pans with an Exceliss non-stick coating are ideal for healthy organic cooking without added fats. So you can fully enjoy the flavor of your rib steak from the butcher or your salmon filet fresh from the fishers’ market, while protecting your health. Cooking and browning meat without burning it thanks to stainless steel, for healthy, fast cooking that respects the flavor of good food.



Have you considered steaming your food? This type of cooking also reveals the full flavors of our foods. It preserves the color of your vegetables, their mineral salts, nutrients and vitamins. Steaming is a healthy way of cooking that uses gentle, indirect heat. You will enjoy many benefits, including to your health: no added fats, the food does not dry out, and their flavor and color is preserved.


Made from stainless steel for perfectly healthy cooking, the steamer can cook all of your dishes quickly and gently. You can be sure your organic products will be at their best!



For some, cooking is enjoyable, for some a hobby, and for a few others it sometimes feels like an obligation. Whatever cooking means to you, and whether you spend hours or only minutes in your kitchen every day, healthy food is incredibly important.

And the best way to cook healthy is to make your recipes with high-quality cookware. Stainless steel is recognized as the best material for healthy cooking. The stainless steel 18/10 cookware by CRISTEL guarantees precise cooking with perfect temperature control.

By selecting professional-grade cookware, you will meet your needs for healthy, organic meals.


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