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Why Detachable handle cookware is the best space saving option?

Why Detachable handle cookware is the best space saving option?


Although you may be accustomed to cooking for pots and pans with integrated handles, there are a number of advantages to cooking with detachable handles, especially designed by CRISTEL to be as practical, useful and safe as possible. We all know saving on space is one of the keys to success for an orderly and comfortable home. Nobody likes having to rummage through cluttered drawers and cupboards to find what they need, especially in the kitchen where you often need access to a range of tools and utensils. CRISTEL has taken this into consideration in the design of their top-quality stainless-steel cookware, which is one reason why we decided to integrate the removable handle to our pots and pans. These removable handles are economical and space-saving as you do not need to own a whole collection. They can simply clip on and off to a range of different CRISTEL cookware, no matter the size. They are elegant, strong, safe and reliable and come in single or double sets as longer handles or smaller grips.



Although you could use just the one removable handle for all your cooking needs, a second one can come in handy when you’ve got multiple pots on the go. You should not however, need many more as they are so easy to shift around on various pieces of cookware. Already, this is a wonderful way to save on space and avoid unnecessary clutter in the kitchen.

What’s more, the fact that CRISTEL stainless-steel pots and pans do not have an attached handle makes them much easier to stack and store away neatly in drawers and cupboards.




The problem with having too many kitchen tools is that it can be difficult to find the right one just when you need it. This leads to frustrating rummaging in drawers and digging around the back of cupboards in the hope of coming across just what you’re looking for.  

Keep the essentials on hand with the simplicity of removable handles for your cookware. They can be easily stored in your cutlery drawer or hung on a benchtop rack.

The same goes for CRISTEL’s range of handle-less pots and pans, which are so simple to stack and store that you can keep them in prime position in your kitchen, even if it’s a tight space. This will transform your kitchen into a stress free space where everything you need is readily accessible and organized.




With a simple clip-on clip-off system, cooking with removable handles has never been easier. Not only do the handles make for better storage and easy cleaning, they also make the kitchen safer.  They can be used with just one hand and automatically lock into place. They can be removed during stove top cooking, which means children won’t be able to grab on and knock down hot pots and pans.

They can also be removed for oven cooking, so that your pots and pans can be transformed into oven dishes with a simple click. Heat from the pots and pans being used is not transmitted to the handles, so you can grasp them without having to worry about burning yourself.

This can be problematic with integrated handles as sometimes we do not always think to put on an oven mitt or grab a tea towel before handling our cookware. Any improvement in safety in the home is a good step, and CRISTEL keeps your best interests at heart.


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