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Why does Exceliss nonstick work better ?

Why does Exceliss nonstick work better ?


CRISTEL’s Exceliss range of cookware is entirely made in France and has been designed for top-level toughness and non-stick performance. Exceliss is a unique non-sticking coating which is entirely PFOA-free. The Exceliss range includes frypans and woks of various sizes, which are available with removable handles and come with a 10-year-guarantee. Our products are compatible with all heat sources, oven-proof and dishwasher-friendly. 



Our French-made Exceliss products have been designed with a triple layer of non-stick coat to ensure only the best results. The first two layers are notably reinforced by titanium particles allowing a much better resistance to abrasion. The topcoat is dedicated entirely to the non-stick characteristic or "release".

You won’t need to set your stovetop to the highest heat for cooking as the CRISTEL thermo-diffusing bases are designed to ensure maximum heat distribution, therefore requiring minimal energy. Gone are the days of using oil or butter to ensure your food wouldn’t stick to your pan. Exceliss products also make cleaning much more of a breeze because if nothing can stick on, you won’t need to scrub it off!



With CRISTEL Exceliss’ advanced design and technology you won’t need to use any oil, butter or other greasy product to stop your food from sticking to the pan. This is not only beneficial to your health as it reduces the fat content in what you eat, but can also transform your cooking for the better! Your eggs and delicate fish will cook to perfection and you won’t lose anything to the pan.

What’s more, non-stick cookware evenly distributes heat so that food is cooked faster than regular cookware. The Exceliss range’s unique non-stick triple-layer coating is entirely free of PFOA. PFOA is a solvent considered to be dangerous to health and the environment which can be found in cookware. Keep your cooking as healthy as possible with CRISTEL Exceliss!




CRISTEL strives to make your cooking better and your life in the kitchen easier. One major advantage of the Exceliss cookware range is that it is compatible with all types of stovetop. Whether your kitchen is equipped with a gas, electric, induction or halogen cooktop, our selection of products will work perfectly with them all! Whatever the heat source, our products are designed to maximize fast, even heat distribution to ensure the best possible results for your cooking.

Our products are also oven-proof, so don’t hold back on baking and roasting (until 350°F, with or without lid)! What’s more, when it comes to cleaning, the Exceliss range is entirely dishwasher-friendly. You can say goodbye to evenings spent scrubbing your pots and pans, just simply pop them in your dishwasher and voila! Easy as pie and ready to use for your next delicious meal.




The Exceliss range by CRISTEL has been designed to be practical for everyday use in the kitchen and comes with a lifetime guarantee. The additional removable handle allows you to comfortably stack your pans in your kitchen cupboards and drawers without having them take up a lot of space at all. The same handle can be used on various cookware products and is compact enough to fit neatly into your cutlery drawer.

In today’s day and age, we can’t all have the professional-standard kitchen we dream of, yet that shouldn’t hold us back in our approach to cooking! Hence why quality, longevity and space-saving efficiency are important to us at CRISTEL. Any good cook understands the importance of space and accessibility in the kitchen, and CRISTEL has got you covered.


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