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A complete collection of high-end knives.SOLINGEN FORGED KNIVES.

Solingen forged knives

It all began in 1928 in the land of long, harsh Arctic winters and the midnight sun, when a blacksmith, Janne Marttiini, decided to
set up a knife factory in Rovaniemi, in Finnish Lapland.

Making the user’s requirements an absolute priority, he started to design and manufacture high quality knives, capable of
withstanding the toughest conditions. As a result, Marttiini has become the world’s leading brand in top-of-the-range hunting and
fishing knives.


Marttiini knives are still manufactured within the Arctic Circle and now benefit not only from generations of expertise but also
modern technology, enabling the creation of knives with unique blades that embody all the beauty and robustness of the Great
North. These Nordic knives are known as «puuko».

Made from steel forged in Solingen* in Germany, this new range of kitchen knives designed for CRISTEL® is superb. Perfectly balanced,
and easy to use, the blade offers extraordinary precision. These knives are the perfect companion for all your recipes. You won’t
want to use any others! Only through them can you give full expression to your creativity.

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