The quality of the stainless steel selected by CRISTEL® provides you with best material for cooking:

- preserve the nutritional qualities of your food
- bring out the most subtle flavours of the dishes you prepare. 

If you have a food allergy to nickel, the use of stainless steel kitchen utensils is not recommended.

It can be poisonous if ingested

Bleach is a poison when ingested and it is, therefore, strongly advisable not to use it to clean utensils that come into contact with food.

Pitting corrosion

As with any chlorinated product, bleach can damage stainless steel through a reaction known as "pitting corrosion": in the event of contact, small holes will rapidly form that will make your utensil unusable.

Any chlorinated cleaning products, including bleach, should never be used to care for your stainless utensils.

Table salt or sodium chloride contains very small amounts of chlorine.

Undissolved salt left in the bottom of your stainless saucepan can lead to the appearance of indelible marks.

These marks pose no health risks and will not hinder your use of your cookware, thanks to the thickness of stainless steel used in the manufacture of CRISTEL® products.

Always put salt in boiling water and stir until it dissolves completely.

CRISTEL® frying pans and saucepans are made of the best quality 18/10 stainless steel. The stainless steel used to make them contains:

- 18% chrome which gives the steel its rust-resistance

- 10% nickel which considerably improves the material's taste neutrality.

Yes including non-stick coated products, handles and lids. Note that you should keep handles away from direct contact with drying coils.

CRISTEL® recommends the use white vinegar to care for and restore stainless steel products. It removes traces of lime scale and deposits left by dry vegetables.

Yes all CRISTEL® handles fit attachment ears on all CRISTEL® detachable handle cookware vessels.

Yes as long as the diameter is the same. Refer to the Fit Guide to see what Lids fit specific vessels.

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