The Thanksgiving national holiday is a time for sharing a traditional meal with your nearest and dearest. It also marks the last day before the unofficial opening of the Christmas shopping season – which starts with a boom on what is now known as “Black Friday”. So once you’ve slept off the scrumptious turkey and pumpkin pie, it’s time to hit up the nation’s biggest sales to get your Christmas gifts sorted out early.  CRISTEL® has a great selection of kitchenware that is sure to bring a smile to any budding chef’s face. CRISTEL®’s top of the range products are made in France, come with a lifetime guarantee, and above all, are incredibly useful. What’s more, they are stylish and easy to store. Here are some suggestions of CRISTEL® products that your friends and family will love.


The Strate collection 3-piece set is a single line of satin-finish 18/10 stainless products. Strate represents the epitome of user ergonomics in a sleek functional industrial design.

The flat glass lids convert any vessel into a storage container to simplify use. The Strate collection includes unique items like a counter lid management system for storage of both flat glass lids and splatter screens.

You’ll find an impressive collection of sauce pans, stock pots, cooking-pots, frying pans and sauté pans with an enveloping heat-diffusing base, specially designed for induction hobs, and various bain-marie, steam cooking and pasta cooking inserts.



The ZENITH handle, one of the best sellers in CRISTEL®’s removable handle and grip collections, has been superbly restyled with the ZENITH 3.

The remarkable fluidity of the cast metal design topped with silicon makes for the best grip possible. The handle is equipped with CRISTEL®’s patented PerfectLock “self-tightening mechanism”, providing exceptional comfort of use.

The CRISTEL® Zenith 3 handle fits all CRISTEL® removable handle vessels. What’s more, this versatile stainless steel removable handle is entirely dishwasher safe.



If you’re after one of the most practical and useful CRISTEL products as a gift, look no further than the Strate 18/10 stainless steel Saucepan with flat glass lid.

A must have in the kitchen, Strate saucepans come in four practical sizes – take your pick! The detachable handle system allows a perfect stacking of CRISTEL cookware to save space in kitchen drawers and cupboards.

The efficiency of their L-shaped heat-diffusing base, which is compatible with all cooktops, makes cooking a joy. Strate cookware is made of 18/10 stainless steel and preserves the taste of your food and is easy to clean after cooking.


Perhaps you know somebody who loves Asian cuisine? If so, a wok is an indispensable item in the kitchen.

The Casteline Stainless steel woks with domed glass lid are made of 3-Ply stainless steel, allowing an integral diffusion of heat throughout the body of the cooking utensil.

Cooking with a wok requires high temperatures to preserve food colors, flavors and nutritional qualities.  The flared shape of the wok makes it possible to heat the food evenly with little fat. The Casteline wok is available with or without a non-stick coating.



It is hard to look past the wonders of the Mutine frying pan – a top-quality kitchen utensil for everyday use. The stainless steel pan, available with removable handles, comes in six different sizes to suit your needs.

Thanks to the excellent heat diffusing base, you can cook perfectly evenly without adding water, oil or fat. Cooking meat in stainless steel makes it possible to make some magic with the delicious meat juices after deglazing.

Switching the long handles with the side handles, the stainless steel frying pan Mutine turns into a serving dish. For fish, eggs or potatoes, prefer a non-stick Mutine frying pan. It is also ovenproof and dishwasher friendly, to save you any hassle!

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