Mini Cookware

In response to demand from Chefs, a range of items in very small sizes has been created, the mini cookware!


3-ply body

- 3-ply construction- lightest weight and most temperature control on market.
- Rounded shape- Facilitates mixing and making sauces + easy maintenance. no exposed aluminum.
- All hobs + induction
- Provides rapid increase decrease in temperature for precise control.
- Long ergonomic handle- Large comfortable stay cool handle for constant usage.
- Easy pouring for transfer or plating
- No risk of oxidation + guaranteed hygiene.
- Salamander grill / Broiler safe- only for Stainless Steel range.
- Money saving– energy efficient and perfectly prepared product every time!
- Oven safe temperatures- Stainless steel items up to 550°F, Non-stick coated items up to 450°F, glass lids up to 400°F, and handles should not be used in the oven
- Dishwasher safe.

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